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Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Early Childhood Studies 1983
Post graduate Diploma in Counselling 1997
Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners 2002
Certificate in Further Education Teaching 2006
Post Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Guidance through Transpersonal Dreamwork 2007-2012.
British Association Of Counselling and Psychotherapy Accreditation.

Areas of Specialism

Self esteem. Anxiety. Depression. Anger. Childhood. Relationship problems. Bereavement. Finding meaning to life. Aspects of self. Self image/identity. Sexuality. Dreams. Stages of life. Feelings. Addiction. Self harm. Gender/cultural issues. Hiv/Aids. Intimacy. Isolation. Child abuse. Personal growth.

Personal Approach

I use Rogerian [client centred] skills to build a trusting ,non judgemental relationship with my clients.I then draw on an integrative approach to suit the needs of the particular client.

I will do all I can to demystify the therapeutic process.I will be open about my purpose and will not evade direct questions.I am prepared to discuss the underpinning rationale of my work and I am keen to stress the cooperative nature of the relationship. I will be responsible to you by committing to establishing a relationship in which you can explore your concerns in an environment of support and understanding.I will try to reduce the imbalance of power by supporting your responsibility and autonomy. Listening hard is deeply respectful in itself and so is the process of negotiating contract.In a counselling relationship confidentiality is essential.In a trusting intimate non-judgemental relationship a client feels free to examine their internal world in safety. They also know that talking about their external world is acceptable.

What happens in the counselling relationship is complex,subtle,delicate. The very fact of the confidential contract is in itself a containing and supportive mechanism.In the spirit of the above I will be specifically aiming to;-
Ask you about your expectations of therapy.
Establish with you presenting issues
Work out a contract with you including confidentiality,timing,expectations,boundaries.
Provide a safe and containing emotional environment for therapy
Respond to your uniqueness
Respect the pace at which you wish to work
Allow you to express feelings
Review progress and provide opportunities to say your experience of therapy
Facilitate the ending for you
Discuss future plans with you
Work with adequate professional support
Be aware of issues related to client diversity
Practise in a non-discriminatory manner
Act with integrity

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