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Feedback From Clients.

An important part of the work for me is to regularly review how the client is experiencing both the work and our relationship.This process also takes place at the end of the work,in the spirit of evaluation.Following are some quotes from previous clients:-

David has helped me immensely to discover some very deep issues in my life. He has a delicate yet precise way of probing to get to the root of issues and the to offer observations and proactive suggestions to help with resolution.
David is compassionate and understanding yet firm and directive .His knowledge and approach have likely been the best I have seen in a counselling environment.

I have come to understand why I behave in certain ways and what sparks difficult feelings in me.

I feel I have been treated as an individual by you. You have related to me as a unique person.

You have been understanding towards me and I have appreciated your presence and the way you have supported me.I have felt valued by you.

Looking at my past history has given me valuable insight into who I am now.

You have allowed me to express my feelings and problems in a safe and comfortable location.You provided me with an atmosphere that allowed me to look deep within all areas of my personality and helped me discover meaning to each and every aspect.The main reason I first asked for your help was to gain some respect for myself,confidence and ability to appreciate my life.All of which I feel I do now and will continue to do so.For this I will be forever grateful.

I felt safe with David to explore the dark and secret parts of me that stopped me enjoying life.We did this together,he with understanding and resilience and from a trustworthy stance. The insights I gained during this time have given me tools to break bad patterns and have more perspective.

I felt safe with David from the beginning of our work together.
He is warm ,open and honest and also very sensitive.
I was able to explore many pars of my life and relationships and I always felt I did it in my own time and never felt pressure to divulge things if I wasn't ready.
I am so grateful for our work together as it has helped me enormously in my life and in my relationships.

As a counselling student I came to therapy as a requirement of my course and found the experience to be a very important part of my self development.
I found a safe place within which I was able to challenge assumptions I held about my experiences and to vent when frustrations at work clouded my thought and perspective.
It was also a refuge when grief became a process that I had to live through.
My view has ben reinforced that therapy is a very valuable and affirming way to give ourselves permission to stop and be fully witnessed by another when life is busy and distracting at best and completely overwhelming at worst.

Thank you for all your help.
I have made some very significant shifts in our time working together, and that's ultimately going to take me to a happier place.

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